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"My experience at the Balance Center has been both healing and fulfilling, since my first visit Lisajeanne listened to my concerns and fears. She answered my questions with professionalism and compassion. Due to the arthritis pain in my hand and hips I was fearful of a life of pain and medication. It has been a process of adjustment in order to maintain the relief I feel. I had heard of the successful treatment from Lisajeanne from coworkers, and I knew when I decided to go to acupuncture that I wanted to go to Lisajeanne. She has a calming sense of humor and her office staff is so friendly and helpful."


"Lisajeanne is the consummate professional. She combines her comprehensive knowledge of acupuncture with a great bedside manner. When I first began treatment, my pain was incapacitating and I was functionally limited in all aspects of my life. Now, my pain is significantly less and my quality of life has improved dramatically!!"

Gina S., PT

"I came to see Lisajeanne for acupuncture because I was having digestive problems, which I was given prescription medication for. After just a few treatments, I noticed that the swelling in my stomach had gone down and I no longer had to rely on the medication.'


"It is my pleasure to recommend Lisajeanne Potyk as an excellent acupuncturist. I have been treated by Lisajeanne for over two years. When I first came to her I was walking with a walker and in great pain. lam now much better and continue under her care for maintenance. I walk most mornings for at least one-half to three-quarters of an hour; and am enjoying better health thanks to her. She is very kind, considerate and caring with all her patients."

Shirley G.

"For years I have suffered pain from Fibromyalgia and also from injuries in my feet, knee, arm and back. My doctors have tried pain pills, anti-inflammatory medicines, physical therapy, Cortisone injections, but nothing worked. I was finally referred to a pain management clinic who referred me to acupuncture. I started treatment about a year ago with Lisajeanne Potyk. I decided that this was my only hope, so I continued treatment for a while. The pain from my injuries started feeling better, but the most wonderful results came from the relief I got from the Fibromyalgia. It took a while, but I cannot thank Lisajeanne enough for her getting me through an unbearable time in my life. I have now convinced my husband to start acupuncture for the pain in his shoulder and knee. He has never liked needles, but he is very comfortable with Lisajeanne's method and is beginning to see results. We both are recommending acupuncture to those who have pain. Thank you, Lisajeanne!"

Marilyn J

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